Working with a designer

An effective relationship is founded on the designer and the client working together with an understanding of each other's point of view. These guidelines are based on feedback from both clients and designers.
Involve designers early

  • Use a designer early in the development process as an integral member of the project team.
  • Ensure that budget, brief, proposals and plans are in place before starting the project.
  • Give a clear picture of the existing business and markets as well as future intentions.

Set and monitor expectations

  • Have a clear expectation of the difference the design project is going to make to your business
  • Track progress against your expectations.
  • Continuously refer to the project developments against the brief and objectives - be prepared to amend the brief.
  • Don't leave any problems to fester, deal with them as they arise, otherwise you could increase your project costs.

Establish communications channels

  • Define the contacts for the design team and your company.
  • Ensure that there are clear and effective communications channels.
  • Confirm all project instructions/amendments in writing.
  • Keep the designer fully informed of any changes in the business which may affect the project.
  • Make available to the designer any staff whose input is useful or relevant.

Manage the project

  • Take control of your project and actively manage it.
  • Be open and allow the designer creative freedom (your business is your expertise, design is theirs).
  • Recognise the designer's contribution.