Multimedia design

Multimedia designers work in a rapidly-evolving medium, where communications can be published in many different formats, including video and DVD, audio, electronic documents, interactive web sites, interactive slide presentations incorporating video, CD-ROMs and interactive kiosks. Designers bring together skills and resources from many different disciplines including graphic design, web design, scriptwriting, programming, audio and video production.

With the greater spread of high-speed Internet connections, businesses and consumers now have better access to multimedia presentations previously only available on CD-ROM. Many websites incorporate features that allow visitors to interact, view live multimedia broadcasts, download high-quality audio or video, and receive colour brochures via Portable Document Format (PDF) files exactly as the original, anywhere in the world.

Multimedia designers benefit businesses by improving the impact and effectiveness of communications. Effective communications can increase understanding and awareness of the company and support sales, marketing and public relations initiatives.

Related disciplines Graphic design, exhibition and display design.

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