Architects design offices, homes, factories, warehouses and other buildings, taking responsibility for structure, interiors, exterior and services. They have a deep understanding of materials, aesthetics, structures, surfaces, building techniques and planning and building regulations, as well as specialisms such as design for disabled access or healthy buildings.

Architects may draw on other design specialisms such as interiors, landscaping and engineering. As well as their design services, architects also operate as project managers, coordinating the specialists and suppliers involved in a building project.

Architects benefit businesses by maximising the use of available space, and ensuring that buildings function efficiently, remain a productive asset and support strategic business activities. They can also redesign existing buildings to improve functionality or meet new requirements. If you employ an architect to design your building you have the added security of knowing that all architects in the UK are professionally trained and required by law to hold professional indemnity insurance. Indeed, the name "architect" is protected in law.

Related disciplines Engineering design, interior design, landscape design, product/industrial design.

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