Design and Business

Designers work with businesses in a variety of ways - helping to improve products, increase awareness and understanding of the company, communicate more effectively with the marketplace, or improve the environment in offices, showrooms, reception areas or communal spaces. Design in business has many end products - brochures, websites, exhibition stands, new products, office layouts - but those are just the visible end results. Designers ask the question, How can design help you achieve your business objectives?

The section value of design for business explains how designers can help businesses facing a number of different challenges.

You can also read case studies showing how different types of businesses have benefited from design.

Professional designers work in a variety of disciplines, bringing analytical and creative skills, as well as practical knowledge in their field of expertise. Their skills complement the skills in your own company and supplement that with wide experience of developing design solutions for other companies facing similar challenges.

To find out which design discipline could help your business, visit our design disciplines pages.